Short term lettings (often via Airbnb and similar platforms) are a modern phenomenon.  The advent of Airbnb (and similar websites) has led to leaseholders letting out their flats on a short term and often nightly basis.

Airbnb: breach of lease?

This activity is likely to amount to a breach of the terms of a lease.

Leases contain rafts of obligations which set out the purposes for which the flat can (and can’t) be used, and also how leaseholders can (and can’t) behave.

Short term letting via Airbnb and other similar platforms may well place a leaseholder in breach of those obligations.  Often multiple clauses are breached.

Swift and efficient resolution

After all, not every breach of lease needs to result in litigation.  It may be a simple misunderstanding on the part of the leaseholder.  This can often be resolved with minimal fuss and expense.

In our experience, breaches of this nature are often resolved by discussion and negotiation.

But where early resolution isn’t possible, our county court and Tribunal experts on hand to guide our clients through any proceedings.

Tribunal proceedings

We’re well-versed in bringing proceedings for breach of lease in the First Tier Tribunal (Property Chamber) (and Leasehold Valuation Tribunal for our clients in Wales).

Our experts are on hand to guide you through each stage of the Tribunal proceedings; from the drafting of the application for a determination on breach of lease through to representation at the final hearing (and each stage in-between).

County court action

In some cases, an application to the county court for an injunction to stop the short term letting may be appropriate.

Our solicitors will advise and guide you through the process.

Is Airbnb causing issues in your block?

Are you facing challenges with Airbnb or short term letting?  Get in touch and see how we can help.