Leases can seem difficult to read and understand.  They’re often antiquated, and filled with legal jargon.

Sometimes, even the most experienced property management professional needs a little help and assistance.

Read, understand, implement: our mantra

Residential leases guide, shape and inform.  They explain the obligations parties have.  They explain the rights parties have.  And explain how parties should behave.

Our CEO, Cassandra Zanelli, often talks about the importance of reading, understanding and implementing the terms of leases.

So it’s essential to read, understand and implement what leases say.

Translation needed?

We recognise that leases are jargon-filled documents.  So we promise the advice you’ll receive will be jargon free and understandable.

We won’t just repeat the lease clauses back to you.  Instead we’ll take the time to explain the lease so you really understand the terms and the implications of those terms.

And that’s where we can help.

Whether it’s a “health check” when you begin management of a new development, or a specific query in relation to an aspect of the lease, we’re on hand to provide you with the advice our clients need.

And all of this on fixed fees too!

lease variation
lease variation