Lease guide, shape and inform the management of blocks of flats.  In property management, it really is all about the lease!

That’s why it’s so important to read, understand and implement the terms of the lease.  It’s our unofficial mantra.

Imperfect, unsatisfactory, non-sensical

Those are just some of the (many) criticisms we hear about leases.  Speak to anyone involved in property management, and they’ll share their horror stories of badly drafted leases and the impact that had on the management of their buildings.

Leases can seem difficult to read and understand.  They can seem antiquated, and filled with legal jargon.

Sometimes, even the most experienced property management professional needs a little help and assistance.

Other times, they’re just plain wrong and unsatisfactory, and need to be fixed.

Read, understand, implement: our mantra

Our CEO, Cassandra Zanelli, often talks about the importance of reading, understanding and implementing the terms of leases.

It’s essential to read, understand and implement what leases say.

And if you need some help, our experts are on hand.

If it’s broke, then fix it!

Leases can sometimes be unsatisfactory.  Examples of where leases might need fixing include:

  • apportionments failing to add top to 100% (resulting in a perpetual under recovery of service charges)
  • failing to include provisions relating to repairs and maintenance (and the recovery of associated costs)
  • no mention of insurance (or recovery of costs).

Or it might be simply be that wrong car parking space is mentioned, or the wrong plan is attached.

However bad the break is, our experts can help fix it.

lease variation
lease variation