Incurring legal fees to recover arrears seems to defeat the object, doesn’t it?  That’s where our market-leading no win, no fee arrangements for arrears recovery help give our clients peace of mind.

There’s no upfront costs to our clients. So there’s no delay caused in moving through the various stages of the arrears recovery process because we forward fund Court fees and Land Registry charges.

You’ll receive regular updates from your designated single point of contact, making it simple and easy for you to track your cases and understand what’s happening.

Our no win, no fee arrears recovery service applies to:

  • service charge arrears
  • ground rent arrears
  • estate rent charge arrears (for freehold properties)


Our pre-claim service is provided at no cost to our clients.

We’ll undertake a Land Registry search before sending a letter before action to the debtor.

We’ll seek to recover our costs from the debtor. If we’re unable to do this, we’ll waive our charges.

Formal legal action and proceedings

The steps we take to recover arrears owed to our clients differs depending upon whether we’re collecting ground rent arrears, service charge arrears or estate rent charge arrears.

Where the arrears relate to rent, we’ll serve a notice advising the debtor of the arrears.  If a debtor fails to remedy the breach, steps can be taken towards re-entry.

Where the arrears relate to service charges, we’ll issue proceedings, entering into correspondence with both the debtor and their lender.

If it becomes necessary to enter judgment, we’ll then take steps to enforce payment, for instance by serving an appropriate notice on the debtor.

Whether it’s service charge arrears, ground rent arrears or estate rent charge arrears, we’ll seek to recover our costs from the debtor.

However, if we’re unable to do this, we’ll waive our charges, and raise a bill just for the disbursements we’ve incurred (generally this is just the Court fee and Land Registry fees).

Matters usually take approximately 8 weeks from receipt of instructions from you to receipt of payment from the debtor, depending on whether or not it’s necessary to issue a claim. This is on the basis that the debtor pays promptly on receipt of judgment. The matter may take longer to resolve should enforcement action be necessary.

Defended and complex cases

We’re *that* confident in our expertise to recover your arrears, that we’ll continue to act on a no win, no fee arrangement even if the claim is defended, and even if it’s transferred to the Tribunal for determination.

In the unlikely event a claim is defended, we’ll discuss the additional work required to get your case “trial ready”.

Our charges will be based on an hourly rate appropriate to the complexity of the dispute and the fee earner with responsibility for your case.

Commission free!

Our clients receive 100% of the arrears, admin fees and interest we recover.  We take no commission.

Our experts

With our team of experts, you’re in safe hands.

Instructing us

Above all, instructing us couldn’t be easier.

To get started, we’ll need you to send us a statement of account.  Your statement of account should set out:

  • debtor’s name and correspondence address
  • property address (if different)
  • service charge arrears, ground rent arrears or estate rent charge arrears owed

Our head of recoveries will then start the recovery process, keeping you informed each step of the way.