It’s becoming increasingly common for those who own a freehold property to pay a variable estate rent charge. These types of charges are often called many different things – estate charge, service charge, maintenance charge, amenity charge, development charge, management charge  – and more.

What are estate rent charges?

We’ve written a dedicated series of resources all about estate rent charges, available on our resource Hub.

On even the smallest of housing estates and developments, there’ll often be common parts and amenity land.  Sometimes, it’s small areas of land.  In other instances, it can be large areas of public open space.

Where these areas aren’t adopted, freeholders will often be required to pay an estate rent charge.  This is a contribution towards the costs of provision of services, the carrying out of maintenance or repairs, placing insurance amongst other things.

All of these services are for the benefit of the estate.  And freeholders contribute towards these costs by means of payment of an estate rent charge.

Issues with non-payment of estate rent charges

It’s all too common that these charges go unpaid, resulting in estate rent charge arrears.

This causes problems with cash flow, and can impact on the provision services for the benefit of the estate.

And that’s not in anyone’s interests.

That’s where we can help.

Our track record

We have an enviable track record in the recovery of these type of arrears – 100% recovery in fact!

Our methods of recovering estate rent charge arrears are innovative and demonstrate our expertise in this complex area.

Our expertise

We really are the experts when it comes to recovering these arrears.  Our CEO, Cassandra Zanelli, was a member of the working group advising the Welsh Government on leasehold reform, and led on the sub-group focusing on estate rent charges and reform.

No win, no fee recovery of estate rent charge arrears

Incurring legal fees to recover estate rent charge arrears seems to defeat the object, doesn’t it?

We have the solution.

Our expertise in this area means we’re  able to offer a market-leading no win, no fee arrangement.

Staying in touch

Proactive communication is key.

As our client, you’ll receive regular updates and reports from our head of recoveries, making it simple and easy for you to track your cases and understand what’s happening at a glance.

We don’t hide behind complicated reports, but instead pride ourselves on our clear and transparent reporting.

And we’re happy to adapt our reporting to suit our clients; just ask!

Getting the attention each matter deserves

Estate rent charge arrears have a detrimental effect on developments.

We understand why it’s so important to recover estate rent charge arrears professionally and efficiently.

Your matters will be overseen by one of our senior solicitors from start to finish, making sure each case gets the expert attention it deserves.

Instructing us

Instructing us couldn’t be easier.

All we need to get started is a statement of account.  The statement of account will need to show:

  • leaseholder’s name and correspondence address
  • property address (if different)
  • service charge arrears (together with any administration fees)